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SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch

At 2:49 AM this morning, SpaceX launched it’s Crew Dragon on it’s maiden voyage to the International Space Station. Inside was a dummy, Ripley, simulating a human passenger. If all goes well, we’ll hopefully be seeing astronauts again launching in to space from Kennedy Space Center soon!

Since we’re right on the beach, we set our alarm for 2AM and headed out prior to launch hoping for a good show, and as usual, SpaceX did not disappoint. There was a little fog so the rocket’s flames made everything glow, lighting the Cocoa Beach Pier from behind.

I unfortunately did not get a good shot of the launch from my camera, but I did catch the first stage returning and landing on the drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You,” which was far out at sea. There was some lighting popping offshore as well that you can see behind the clouds on the right. This was a 148 second exposure.

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